"There is no such thing as impossible. It’s just a matter of figuring out how."

Haruhiko Tanahashi Lexus LFA Chief Engineer

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Impossible. This was the word that Lexus’s first chief engineer, Ichiro Suzuki, heard countless times when he shared the ambitious targets he wanted to achieve with the vehicle he was crafting.

In every targeted measure of performance, it would be a vehicle that was superior to even the best on the road. It would also combine comfort with performance, to be both calming and invigorating. This pioneering spirit resulted in the LS 400, a car that made waves in the automotive world when it debuted, and cemented the Lexus name in history.

The quest to create leading-edge vehicles continues to this day. Our attention to detail, constant desire to be better, and future-led approach has allowed us release trail blazing vehicles that make a lasting impact.

With our eye on what lies ahead, we are relentlessly focused on perfecting new, cutting-edge technology for class-leading performance and crafting revolutionary designs that will propel us into the future where we make the impossible possible.

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At Lexus, every customer is treated like they are a guest in our home. This is the promise that everyone in Lexus has made and upholds.

This vibrant culture of service has been fundamental to Lexus from the start and we are deeply committed to providing high quality of attention and care at every level, from design conception to dealership, and from purchase to service. There is no problem too big or too small that you cannot come to us for an answer for.

This unique culture, also known as omotenashi, is what outlines our human-centered approach to everything we create.



Making the best vehicles and experiences isn’t enough. “How can we make this better?” is a common refrain in Lexus, as we are always looking for ways to make what we do, even better.

Every person is empowered to identify issues, problems or flaws, and to derive solutions, even if it means digging deeper and working harder. This is what drives us, and it is what makes us Lexus.



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